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The Diver’s Guide to Marine Life of Britain and Ireland

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The cool temperate waters around Britain and Ireland are at the cross roads between warmer waters to the south and colder Arctic ones to the north. Consequently they contain a huge variety of marine animals and plants which differ significantly from place to place around our islands.

This book aims to introduce the reader to a selection of the animals and plants, from sponges to fishes and sea squirts to seaweeds, that are most regularly seen by divers, snorkellers and rockpoolers around our coasts.

Over 200 species are described in detail, with underwater photographs to aid identification in situ. Each account contains information on identification, habitat, size and distribution and how to distinguish them from similar animals and plants.

This book is produced as part of the Seasearch project, which offers training in marine life and habitats and encourages recording by volunteers.

Foreword by Miranda Krestovnikoff

Author: Chris Wood
Publication date: June 2013
ISBN: 9780957394650
Extent: 160pp
Size: 148mm x 210mm

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